Suppliers Helpdesk – Safran Finance Services


Safran makes this platform available to its suppliers in order to respond to your requests and deal with billing incidents.
This service is the only point of contact to be used by our suppliers in order to contact the Safran Group.


Before reporting a request, please check that the billing address and mailing address where bills are sent are correct. To do this, go to the Billing adresses for Group companies file.

The Billing Hotline is a service provided by Safran Finance Services.


To start, create your account :

       1.     Go to the “Create account” tab and then fill in your company information.

       2.     You will receive a confirmation email sent to your email address within 24 hours.

       3.     Confirm your registration by activating the link sent in the confirmation email.

       4.    Keep your username and password safe for future logins.


Report your incident:

              1.     Go to the “Log in” tab

         2.     Fill in the information and confirm


You can then track the resolution of your incident by accessing this interface.


Also, use the attachments to discover more and help you on your first connection